St Cedd's School

Hold Fast

that which

is Good

We provide a secure and happy environment in which our children are encouraged to work and play with enthusiasm and commitment.

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The Perfect Start

Our three and four-year-old Pre-School pupils are encouraged and nurtured within a caring ethos to use their creativity and imagination to learn about the world and their surroundings through a balance of play and structured learning opportunities. We celebrate achievement in an enabling and purpose-built learning environment and encourage children to care for each other as they play and learn together.

An imaginative, exciting and challenging curriculum stimulates children's natural desire to explore, investigate and discover. The Early Years Foundation Stage is delivered with an understanding of each child's interests, needs and capabilities.

By learning to interact with others, participating in whole school assemblies and through such activities as their own Sports Day, our youngest pupils gently become familiar with the routine and discipline of a school day. Children are introduced to the timetabled subjects of French, Music and Physical Education by specialist teachers in a fun and encouraging manner through activities, games, songs and rhymes.

We recognise that a positive Pre-School experience will help children feel confident about the challenges that lie ahead. St Cedd's School provides an ideal first step towards Reception.