school Council

In March 2006 St Cedd’s School established a School Council. Class representatives are voted onto the Council by their peers and their role is to represent the children in their forms by speaking and voting during regular School Council meetings.

Each form from Reception to Year 6 has a suggestion box that all children can use freely to put their ideas forward.

The School Council has achieved great things including the provision of a Year 2 planting area, a league wormery, snacks after swimming, a table tennis table, consideration and changes to the school uniform, the bicycle pods, water fountains around the school and helping to organise charitable activities.

The new representatives are below:

 Ayaan Syed (2H)

Harry Davies (2S)

Theo Booth (3B)

Saffron Challice (3C)

Max Moore (4J)

Amelie Lindsay (4K)

Ethan Isaacs (5C)

Florence Hubberstey (5P)

Akshath Lanka (6D)

Charles Maloney-Charlton (6H)

The current Heads of School, Samuel Aston and Nia Das, will also join the School Council.

All representatives will serve until February 2018.