Year 6 Visit Moulsham Library

Year 6 were excited to spend the morning at the Moulsham High School Library Book Tasting Event for Year 6 Children on Thursday. The school’s librarians, aided by sixth form students, had transformed the library into a stunning café, complete with tablecloths, vases of flowers and even candles!

The children were invited to ‘taste’ and ‘sample’ books, reviewing them in the menus provided. Hostesses took them to their tables and served them a variety of entertaining books. The children quickly became engrossed in the stories, identifying themes and looking up unknown words in dictionaries provided. At the end, they chose their favourite book of the day. The event will hopefully inspire them to select new reading material as well as encourage them to browse all the wonderful books available in bookshops, libraries and our own school library.

At St Cedd’s School, we encourage every child to develop a love of reading; this is the most valuable gift any parent can give a child. Sharing books, hearing children read, reading stories aloud, saying poems, all these enjoyable activities can help promote books and other reading materials at home. Every child in school is expected to read or be read to for 20 minutes each night. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a story together or find out new and amazing facts. As Mark Twain said, ‘The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.’




Pupil comments on the Book Event:

Charlotte Mackley - “We did book tasting in a book café. The library had been changed; it had flowers on the table, fake candles and checkerboard tablecloths. We looked at four books like ‘Dreaming The Bear’ and ‘Cowgirl.’ My favourite one was ‘Dreaming The Bear.’ It was a phenomenal day and it really encouraged me to read the books.”

Evie Clark - “We were the first school to come to Moulsham Library’s Book Event. The library was set up like a café and we filled in menus about the books. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.”

Olivia Clarke - “We went to Moulsham School to take part in the book café and the library looked really good. We got to read some really interesting books and write reviews and look up words. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”